Programme of Workshop’s Support
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Programme of Workshop’s Support

Supporting of profitable activities in the target communities is one of the major program direction of the Community Development Centre.

The program aims to popularize the idea of social plants for supporting generation of profitable activities in the target communities. Besides, program promotes creation of different social workshops and supports their development:

Supporting of profitable activities is based on the experience accumulated while working in the village of Nukriani (2007-2010), where on the basis of free craft courses carried out in the framework of Caucasian House’s regional program there were established a successful social plant ,,Nukriani Workshops’’.

Workshops of national handicrafts were established in 2007 by the Caucasian House and since 2009 were transferred to local community organization – Nukriani for management. 

The workshops became one of the best example, in terms of community mobilization. Along with economic effect, the workshops added a substantial human resource  to  the  community  organisation  in  the  form  of  employed  women and became as source of unity. Women who are involved in the activities of social workshops, more frequently are expressing their readiness to work for solving community’s needs. Social plants became source of small but, independent income for local women.  

Caucasian House trough financial support of Bread for the World (Brot fuer die Welt, Germany) established social plants of enamel and jewellery in the village Napareuli, in 2010.

Since 2007 more 150 people in Nukriani and Napareuli mastered in the different trades.

Dynamic of financial turnover in Nurkiani workshop looks in this way:

#          Type               2007    2008    2009    2010    Total

 1.         Felt                 2330    5128    4468    8754    20680

 2.  qvilti and puppets 2571           1846    2740    3439    10596

 3. Knitted production   -        230      205      100      535

 4. Enamel                      -       -          230      235      465

 Sum total                     4091   7204    7643    12528  32276

 Since 2011 Community Development Centre plans to cooperate with Nurkiani and Napareuli workshops more actively, in terms of their sustainable development.

As far as, we consider the idea of social workshops as successful one, in terms of community activization, Community Development Centre will use this experience in other places, in case of broadening target communities.


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