Handmade from Kakheti -Catalogue of Nukriani and Napareuli women workshops products
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A catalogue of Nukriani and Napareuli women workshops products in the framework of the current project of Community Development Centre “Facilitation of Income Generating Activities and Regional Development through Cultural-Educational Programs” - published (facilitator – Bread for the World, BfdW).

Community Development Centre is working in several priority directions in Kakheti regions. One of them is related to income generating activities in villages and promotion of women employment. With this very purpose it support foundation and development of folk production workshops in the village of Nukriani from 2007 and Napareuli – from 2010.

The difference between social workshop form the activities oriented to income is that it serves double purpose: economical and social. Social purpose is the most important. The contribution of social plant is of high importance in regulation of social problems and community Development.

Nukriani and Napareuli workshops in Kakheti region are serving social purposes: employment of unemployed women, their involvement in the process of community development. The workshop activities are being carried out by the village resident women for the majority of which this is the only possibility of employment.

Exhibition-Selling and festivals organized by the Community Development Centre and also corporate orders obtained from business sector, are the basic source of income for the workshops. The latter ensures the most support for stable development of the workshops and deepens relationship between the society and business sector.

Community Development Centre believes that the catalogue will assist wider society, various companies in expressing their interest in workshop activities, orders and sales will increase thus helping the workshops in reaching their social objectives.

Anna Margvelashvili,
Community Development Centre


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