Nukriani and Napareuli workers on study tour in Yerevan

Nukriani and Napareuli workers on study tour in Yerevan


On 21-23 July, 2012 the representatives of Nukriani and Napareuli workshops and employees of the Community Development Centre (15 participants) travelled to Yerevan and other Armenian cities for a study tour focused on social enterprises. The visit was designed for the women working in partner organizations of the Community Development Centre, in Nukriani and Napareuli social enterprises (workshops). The study tour was aimed at enabling the participants to meet with Armenian colleagues and exchange experience in making handmade souvenirs in order to further diversify assortment of souvenirs.


Thematic and intensive program for the study tour was developed with the help of a Consultant of the Community Develoopmnet Centre, Ms. Tamar Gurchiani (a manager of the study tour) and local partners, - Ms. Karine Taslakian and Mr. Karen Khachaturian. The participants of the tour visited souvenir shops and workshops in Yerevan, Museum of Ancient Manuscripts (Matenadaran) and Museum of Sergei Parajanov. The participants of the tour met with art community and folk craftsmen. They also went to Sunday fair where they viewed pieces of old and modern masters, souvenirs and folk craftsmanship


The program  was positively assessed by the participants of study tour. They said they learnt lots of new things and would realize new business ideas in near future.

On its part the community Development Centre will encourage personal development of the employees of the target workshops and will organize study tours with similar programs in future. Apart from being educational the tour was also very exciting for the participant women since they had never travelled outside Georgia before.  


The study tour was financed by a German organization, Brot fur die Welt within the frameworks of the project: Supporting Income Earning Activities and Regional Development through Cultural/Educational Programs being implemented by the Community development Centre.