Social Entrepreneurship in Kakheti
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Social Entrepreneurship in Kakheti

The Community Development Centre, with financial assistance of Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency, commences implementation of a 6 months project “Development of Social Enterprises Capacity in Kakheti Region”.

The purpose of the project is capacity building of three (Nukriani, Napareuli and Gulgula) Women’s Social Enterprises and promoting strengthening of human resources.

The project contains the following components:

Development of ceramics workshop on the base of Napareuli workshops – the mentioned component is being implemented with the financial assistance of several funds (Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency, BfdW, dvv international): the Community Development Centre, in the framework of the project “Promotion of Community Initiative Development in Kakheti Region”, is planning to open the Community Education Centre in the village of Napareuli. In the building, purchased especially for the Centre, it is also planned development of textile, enamel and ceramics workshops of Naparauli workshops. In summer, training on ceramics will be delivered and during the course the products made in the workshops will be exhibited on October 13-19, 2013 on Telavi festivan “Akhali Nadimi” (“New Feast”).

Improvement of Nukriani Workshops’ Material-Technical Base

Nukriani workshops were founded in 2007 under the support of Caucasian House and it is functioning up today. About ten women are permanently involved in the workshop functioning. The main challenge of the workshop is to fulfill solid orders from Business Sector. In order to enable the mentioned workshops to carry out orders without any delay and in high quality, the assistance of Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency made it possible to purchase for them additional equipment, particularly, a machine for embroidery, which gives great possibility for corporate orders.

Improvement of Material-Technical Basis of Gulgula Sewing Social Enterprise

Community Centre Gulgula, with the purpose of the organization’s stability and financial sustainability and also employment of its own Beneficiaries, in 2011 decided to carry out its own economical business and established a social enterprise-sewing service on its basis. The initiative was supported by CSRDG – Centre for Strategic Research and Development.

Thirty ladies residing in the village have learned how to sew blankets and cloths; but considering that there are just 3 sewing machines in the workshop, only three women can work at a time. In order to increase the number of orders and seamstresses in Gulgula, which, in its turn, will have positive impact on development of local community union and village community, the project plans to purchase additional equipment.

Training, Marketing and Marketing Strategy

For all women employed in the mentioned three social enterprises consultations and trainings in marketing and effective services will be provided at the end of the project. Strategy of sales will be developed.

Community Development Centre aims to support creation of better human capital, assist and strengthen local civil groups and culture-educational organizations through stimulating adult education and culture in regions and villages so that they can act more efficiently for the development of their own community. In order to reach the above goal, the organization is working in some priority directions. One of the directions is The program for supporting income generating activities among women.

Considering social and economical factors, the organization, among the issues related to community development, believes that supporting and encouraging of income generating activities, supporting development of women’s micro-entrepreneurship (issuing business start-up financing grants) and social enterprises, is extremely important.

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