Meeting of Coalition “For Strong Self-Governance”
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On 11 June, 2013, a working meeting of Coalition “For Strong Self-Governance” was held. The Coalition was established in April of the current year and it aims at supporting the comprehensive reform of governance system decentralization launched by the Government of Georgia after the 2012 Parliamentary elections. Active involvement of community organizations is very important for the effective implementation of the reform and sustainability of its results. For this purpose, nine organizations working in various regions of Georgia have formed the Coalition “For Strong Self-Governance”.


The organizations within the Coalition believe that in order to implement changes, together with political and legal decisions, it is necessary to build human and institutional capacities locally. Correspondingly, the Coalition seeks to develop and implement, based on coordination and agreement with various governmental and non-governmental organizations, measures aimed at building local capacities, which will make possible also to receive feedback on the progress of reform locally.


At the working meeting the member organizations of the Coalition discussed organizational and coordination issues of the work of the Coalition and developed the Action Plan for the year 2013.


The following organizations are the members of the Coalition:

  1. Community Development Centre (Tbilsi);
  2. Consultation and Training Centre (CTC) (Tbilsi );
  3. Civil Society Research and Development Association (Telavi);
  4. Biological Farming Association Elkana (Tbilisi);
  5. Institute for Democracy (Batumi);
  6. Association Atinati (Zugdidi);
  7. AbkhazInterconti Foundation (Kutaisi);
  8. Community Union Nukriani (Sighnaghi);
  9. Georgian Civil Development Association (Lagodekhi)

Contact information

  • 20, Galaktioni st., 0105 Tbilisi Georgia
  • Tel.: (+995 32) 299 83 22
  • Fax: (+995 32) 299 72 61
  • E-mail: