New Development Program
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Community Development Centre is commencing implementation of the new 2-year program in Kakheti region (in Sighnaghi and Telavi Municipalities) with the financial support of German organization BfdW.


The program “Support to the Development of Community Initiatives in Kakheti Region” aims at activation of the local community and society in Kakheti region and fostering their greater involvement in development processes through implementation of cultural and educational programs.


The program consists of 2 main components:


1)  Capacity building of local community organizations and initiatives: in this respect the organization will work with 5 local organizations working at the village level selected through competition (community, youth, women’s, cultural organizations). Consultations in the sphere of organizational development and qualification trainings will be delivered to organizations participating in the program. They will work on strategic documents and have an opportunity to obtain financing (small grants) within the framework of the program.


2)  Capacity building of local social enterprises (Nukriani and Napareuli workshops): trainings and consultations in marketing, as well as acquiring of additional equipment and development of new production directions (folk handicraft) for the above social enterprises are envisaged under the program. Additionally, establishment in the Napareuli village of community education centre is intended. Napareuli workshops will operate in the centre. The centre will offer various certified courses to the locals. Initiation of ceramics workshop on the basis of the workshops is planned in Napareuli.

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