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Community Development Centre regards culture and education as one of the most effective means of community development.  


Cultural activities such as, for instance, small village festivals, educational activities, eg: circles of chess, dance, folk instruments, singing and drama, give us opportunity to involve the most people  inside the community (village) and earn their positive attitude.   



Picture # 5: Dance Lesson                                      Picture #6 Musical Instruments Lesson


All of this is very important for socializing among children and young people. Involvement of the big part of population in some kind of common process, for instance, the internal village festivals or chess championship, allows to awaken the inert community and the faded cultural life of the village at least for a little while. Public participation in a joint event helps to somehow reanimate the long-time obsolete civic sense, which is the primary basis for formation of citizenship and the civil society at large. Therefore the social importance of such activities is undoubtful.


In the scope of the mentioned approach our main directions are:



Program - Cultural Calendar  


Regular cultural activities at the village school, library, cultural house or club help to refresh rural life, provide interesting information to the youth and stimulate their interest towards various issues; these can be the meetings with invited guests, writers, poets, actors, screening and review of documentary films, literary evenings, needlework class, exhibitions, etc.




Photo-exhibition in village Nukriani                  Needlework Lesson




Village celebrations, public festivals:


By organizing village celebrations, festivals of popular crafts and traditions interests of the great majority of local residents are met and they become more involved and active; Besides their social and inclusive importance, these events are accompanied by economic effect and promotion of local touristic potential, which are directly reflected on the wellbeing of the villagers and their motivation to participate in such activities;



Village Festivals and Celebrations 2008-2010.


The founder of the Community Development Centre - the ,,Centre for Cultural Relations – Caucasian House’’ organized rural festivals in village Nukriani on a regular basis; in 2009 and 2010 in the scope of the program ,,Save Our Village’’ the following activities were held in Nukriani: festival of popular crafts, cooking and art; as of 2011 this festival will be conducted under the auspices of the Community Development Centre and not only in village Nukriani;



Interesting links on festival of popular crafts, cooking and arts: Tazo Kupreishvili 2011 Tazo Kupreishvili 2010


On CH’s channel: 2009 2010





Support of rural libraries: In a community, where the Community Development Centre is and will be working, an integral part of the development program is and will be improvement of the material and technical base of a village library and substantive support of the library as the institution supporting education of the local community.  





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