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Main Strategic Directions of the Organization:

 1)     Local Capacity Building Program:

 Assistance in Development of Local Representation Groups in Kakheti Region Municipalities

 Our experience of many years showed us, that a local partner has great significance for working locally. Existence of an active team and a local organization represents an important prerequisite for successful implementation of community development programs. We give the name of local representation groups to registered or non-registered community initiatives, local non-governmental organization, municipal non-entrepreneurial and non-profit legal persons.


We think development of capacities of local representation groups to be one of defining moment of our activity. It has two main aspects: philosophical (vision) and operative (management). Philosophy means that the problems locally can be better resolved by local group. This is the alphabet of decentralization and regionalism without which perfect democracies can not be imagined. Local self-governance in Georgia is still far away from ideal, but we will have to follow this way and until then existence of strong local public groups and organizations has vital importance. As to the operative moments, implementation of several educational programs on the basis of local organizations supports as efficiency of these measures so conceptual strengthening of the organization itself.

 2. Community Development Program:

 Implementation of community development programs in target communities together with local partner organizations

 On 12-13 May, 2010, on Caucasian House’s initiative and EED financial support, a working meeting ,,Community Development and Working with Community’’ was organized in Signagi. BfdW/EED partner organizations, working on community development in the regions of Georgia, took part in the working meeting.

 The working meeting defined the “Community” in the following way:

 ,,Community is the unity of people residing in a definite geographic area, being in common social-economic and cultural conditions and having similar interests, problems and needs’’.

 The following was named as characteristic features of a developed community:

 1.      there is a civil group in the community;

2.      the community has vision, the community is oriented on development and innovation and knows where to go; 

3.      the community is aware of its needs, rights and advocates them;

4.      the community is able to define problems and respond to them.


Community Development Centre shares the definition of a community and developed community and we think, that in 2-5 years earmarked for regional activities it is impossible to reach all the features characterizing a developed community, but satisfaction of at leas on feature is absolutely possible.

 We think that regulation of problems locally should be carried out by a local civil group. Correspondingly, we think supporting of such groups in their development to be our main task.

 Thus, in the process of our activities, we often address a definite group of active people in our working area as a community, which can develop and, in the case of their development and support, can cover the community in its wide understanding and work with them.

 3. Profitable Activities Support Program:

 Supporting of profitable activities is based on the experience accumulated while working in the village of Nukriani, where on the basis of free craft courses carried out in the framework of Caucasian House’s regional program there were established a successful social plant “Nukriani Workshops”.

 With the purpose of income generating in the target communities, popularization of small plants idea and promotion of their development locally, encouragement of creation of folk crafts workshops and their development will be carried out on the basis of sharing the “Nukriani Workshops” experience.

 Promotion of employment and self-employment through adults craft education in the village will be one of the most important priorities for the Community Development Centre. We think that constant retraining of adults and their adaptation to contemporary challenges is significantly reducing the risk of poverty.

 5.     The Program of Strengthening of Cultural-Educational Institutions

 Cultural-educational measures have great importance in socializing of people. Involvement of a large part of population in some type of an integrated process allows animating an inert community and its sleeping cultural life even for a little time. Participation of population in integral measures helps to reanimate civic sense not functioning for a long period. And this is the very first basis for formation of general citizenship and civil society. Thus, social and economical significance of such measures causes no doubt.

 Correspondingly, the task of the program is to assist Kakheti region local cultural-educational organizations (e.g., home-museums, recreation centres, etc.) in development so that they are able to permanently offer cultural-educational services to their own community.





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