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,,Centre for Cultural Relationships – Caucasian House’’ has been working in regions of Georgia, particularly, Signagi Municipality village of Nukriani, since 1999. Initially, it had the format of a movement in the region and its motto was ,,Save Our Village’’. The implemented projects were based on the Caucasian House’s general vision and values, i.e. development of the village community capacities through education and culture.


In 2008, the ongoing projects were united under a single program and the document for strategic development of Caucasian House was called ,,The Program of Civil Education and Community Development in the Regions of Georgia’’.


Starting from the year 2008, in the framework of the Program, there were implemented several significant projects in the course of development of which projects the target region was enhanced. Except Signagi Municipality and Nukriani community the Caucasian House commenced its activities in Gurjaani  and the village of Napareuli of Telavi Municipality.


In 2010, the Caucasian House administration carried out critical analysis of 10 years performance in the region and decided to found the Program of Civil Education and Community Development in the Regions of Georgia as an independent organization. Caucasian House thinks that separation of the mentioned Program and its registration as an independent organization will promote the success of the Program and help it in independent development of its own policy.


It can be said that Caucasian House played the role of an ,,incubator’’ and, at this stage, there are all prerequisites of creation of an independent organization on the Program’s basis. Moreover, we think, that on the background of a certain structural crisis in the civil sector, emerging of a strong and committed actor will qualitatively enrich the spectrum of civil sector organizations and contribute to the country’s process of democratization.


Thus, the submitted document represents the analysis of 10 years performance of Caucasian House regional program and the strategy of the organization ,,Community Development Centre’’, founded by Caucasian House on the basis of this Program, and the base document of its future activities.


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